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INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE FOR SUMMER 2023.  Click here to access job description. 

Vickie and Mike Baker have been farming since 2006.  They were married on a Monday, because when you milk cows it doesn't matter what day an event is, the cows still need to be milked. Shortly after their wedding, we purchased Vickie's family's cows and began milking our own herd and renting  my parents farm.  In 2008, we purchased our first farm where we house heifers, horses, sheep and chickens.  In 2015, we purchased the "Rumbaugh" farm and installed a DeLaval robotic milker.  Currently about 60 of the cows milk themselves in this state of the art facility.  An additional 25 Guernsey cows are milked in a traditional tie-stall facility.  Our milk is held in a separate tank until it is shipped for processing.  "Mike's" milk is shipped to Land O'Lakes and "Vickie's" is made into Golden Guernsey dairy products for  Naturally Golden Family Farms Co-Operative, a local milk co-op where she is President.  Our Guernsey products are available locally and represent the quality and passion of the early mornings and late nights that we put into our cattle and our land. Naturally Golden Family Farms milk and cheeses are available for sale on the farm.

We have two children, Lee and Clara who are active in the daily operations of our farm. Lee has his own chicken business and offers farm fresh eggs and meat chickens for sale.  Clara also has daily chores and takes great pride in taking care of our cats.  

We truly are a family operation and receive much needed support in all areas of the operation including crops, lawn care and showing from family.

With less than 2% of the US population involved in agriculture, we offer our Farmhouse to guests so that they can learn about where their food comes from.  

We offer our farm to visitors in the summer to enjoy our flower fields and other farm activities.  In the fall, guests can enjoy a hayride and bon fire and pick a pumpkin. 

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